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Seeking Home is a personal narrative exploring Asian identity, San Francisco Chinatown, and the question, what does it mean to be home in America?

Fighting History of SF Chinatown

Explore the alleys of the oldest and most storied Chinatown

Tales of Chinatown underground history

Hear the notorious stories of San Francisco Chinatown

The Ghosts of the Streets of Chinatown

Discover the nuances and origins of the Chinese supernatural

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Welcome to Chinatown

The rough and tumble (and sometimes chilling) stories of the world's most famous Chinatown.

  • You'll experience the rough and tumble tales of San Francisco's gold rush era, the Chinese immigrant experience, Bruce Lee, racism, the Tong Wars, the socioeconomic realities of human trafficking, political corruption, the drug trade, prostitution, and the modern era gang wars. You'll explore Chinatown's alleys and streets where it all happened.


    You'll gain amazing insight on the past and how it connects to the present.


    And maybe, just maybe, you'll discover a deeper appreciation for not only the Chinese immigrant experience but also what it means to be human.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Need to Knows for Chinatown Magic

The only thing predictable about San Francisco weather is that it is unpredictable.


Tips on How to Dress in San Francisco for Every Season and Month of the Year. But the short answer is: Layers!


Dress in layers. Having a windbreaker is a good idea. The weather can change fast and can be chilly even when your weather app says it shouldn't be.


Check the 10 day weather forecast on the Weather Channel, as well as expected weather during other parts of the year.

Public restrooms in Chinatown are basically non-existent. Please plan accordingly.

Chinatown Magic tours contain mature subject matter and are not suitable for young children or highly sensitive, easily offended adults. Murder, prostitution, human trafficking, drugs, violence, and all the truths related to our species will be on full display.


If reading this makes you super uncomfortable,  please seek out a more mainstream tour. If this makes you slightly uncomfortable or super excited, then please, sign up today -- you’ll be happy you did.

Both tours take approximately 2 hours. We will cover about 1.25 miles with some hill walking. Please wear comfortable walking shoes.

Please allow extra and plenty of time for traffic and/or parking so you can arrive at the designated meeting place on time. Out of respect for all participants, we start tours promptly. Please plan on arriving early so you don’t miss anything!

We are committed to your safety and practice CDC-recommended COVID-19 safety protocols including:


• Group size a maximum of 10 people

• Adhering to social distancing guidelines

• Ensuring that all participants wear a mask

• When possible, we encourage you to organize and book a private tour with people you know

DO NOT book this tour if you are unwilling or unable to wear a mask.


Failure to comply with our safety guidelines will result in you and your party being asked to leave.


More information on our commitment to safety and social distance is available on the Coronavirus Covid-19 protocols page

The Chinatown Magic Team

The Most Knowledgeable Experts on SF Chinatown!


Jefferson Award winner, Cynthia is an active member of the Chinatown Community serving as past president of the Chinese Hospital Auxiliary, Chinatown Opti-Ms, Friends of On Lok, and Linking Rings Performing Arts.

Growing up in a Taoist Temple that her mother founded, Cynthia learned at an early age, the superstitions and traditions of the Chinese culture. A passion for sharing the history of Chinatown, Cynthia has been a tour guide since 1977. 

Tour Guide

Marc Pomerleau lived in China and Taiwan for seven years, speak Mandarin, and received his M.A. in China studies (thesis on the Chinese Exclusion Acts). He’s also a longtime resident and lover of San Francisco and the martial arts.

These tours represent the convergence and culmination of Marc’s personal passions: storytelling, San Francisco history, the Chinese experience and creating joy and fresh perspective for the seeker in us all.

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